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OWV Foil

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OWV (One Way Vision) foil designing and printing services offer businesses, organizations, and individuals the ability to create custom-designed window graphics that provide privacy while allowing for visibility from the inside. OWV foil is a perforated vinyl film that features small holes, allowing people inside a building to see out while creating a vibrant, eye-catching display on the outside.

Key features of OWV foil designing and printing services include:

  1. Custom Design: Professional designers collaborate with clients to create custom-designed window graphics tailored to their specific needs, branding, and messaging. Customization options include logos, graphics, colors, fonts, and layout, ensuring that the OWV foil effectively communicates the desired message and reflects the client's unique identity.

  2. Digital Printing Technology: Advanced digital printing technologies allow for the precise reproduction of vibrant colors, high-resolution graphics, and intricate details on OWV foil. UV-resistant inks are often used to ensure long-lasting durability and fade resistance, making the graphics suitable for outdoor use.

  3. Perforated Vinyl Film: OWV foil is composed of perforated vinyl film that features small holes (typically 50/50 ratio), allowing for visibility from the inside while creating an opaque display on the outside. The perforated design provides privacy without obstructing the view completely, making it ideal for storefronts, vehicle windows, office partitions, and more.

  4. Versatile Applications: OWV foil can be used for a wide range of applications, including window displays, storefront advertising, vehicle wraps, architectural graphics, interior decor, and more. The versatility of OWV foil makes it an effective marketing and communication tool for various industries and environments.

  5. Weather-resistant: OWV foil is durable and weather-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use in various environmental conditions, including rain, sun, wind, and temperature fluctuations. The material withstands exposure to moisture, UV radiation, and harsh weather elements, ensuring that the graphics remain vibrant and intact over time.

  6. Easy Installation and Removal: OWV foil is designed for easy installation and can be applied directly to windows using a simple adhesive backing. The perforated vinyl film can be easily trimmed to fit the size and shape of the window, and removal is also straightforward without leaving residue or damage to the surface.

  7. Regulatory Compliance: OWV foil designing and printing services are familiar with local regulations governing the use of window graphics, ensuring that designs and materials comply with relevant safety and visibility standards.

Overall, OWV foil designing and printing services provide businesses and individuals with a versatile and impactful solution for creating custom-designed window graphics that provide privacy and visibility. With customizable designs, high-quality printing, and durable materials, OWV foil graphics offer enhanced branding and communication opportunities in various applications and environments.

OWV Foil

QAR 5.00