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SuperCell Pouring Paint Set Premium 4pc x 60ml (2 US fl.oz) - Galaxy

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Create cells in a flash with our SuperCell Pouring Paint set. Inside are 4 x 60ml (2 US fl.oz) colours that create a stunning result when combined. These pouring paints come specially formulated to help you get some amazing cell effects without adding anything. Plus, they're pre-mixed and ready to pour straight away. They offer great coverage and fluid consistency and come in an easy-squeeze bottle to get you the best fluid painting results. If you haven't already, check out our vibrant SuperCell paint range today and give them a go for yourself!

  • 4 x 60ml (2 US fl.oz) pouring paint colours: Cadmium Red, Navy Blue, Teal, Lamp Black.
  • Colour combination selected for a stunning result
  • Specially formulated to creates instant cells in fluid and pour painting 
  • Pre-mixed and ready to go, no need for additional mediums
  • Great coverage, fluid consistency, opaque colour to help get you best results
  • Non toxic and water-based acrylic for easy cleaning


  • Choose your colours and pour them onto a canvas or board then watch the cells appear

Handy hints:

  • For best results, shake well before use
  • To increase paint flow, mix in a small amount of water (avoid adding too much, as it may cause cracking in dry paint)
  • Try a flip cup or swipe technique for best results
  • Varnish once dry for an extra vibrant finish
  • Clean up with warm soapy water while paint is still wet


  • Dirty cup pour
  • Flip cup pour
  • String pull
  • Dutch pour
  • Puddle pour
  • Tree ring pour
  • Swipe pour

SuperCell Pouring Paint Set Premium 4pc x 60ml (2 US fl.oz) - Galaxy

QAR 30.00