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Uni-Ball Signo UMN-207

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The Uni-Ball Eye Micro UB-150 is a high-quality rollerball pen renowned for its precision, smooth writing, and consistent ink flow. Here's a detailed description of the Uni-Ball Eye Micro UB-150:

Key Features:

  1. Micro Point Precision: The Uni-Ball Eye Micro UB-150 features an ultra-fine micro point, delivering precise and detailed writing. Whether you're jotting down notes, creating intricate drawings, or working on precise tasks, this pen offers exceptional control.

  2. Smooth Liquid Ink: Known for its smooth and consistent ink flow, the pen uses liquid ink technology to glide effortlessly across paper. The result is clean, sharp lines that enhance the quality of your writing and illustrations.

  3. Fade-Resistant and Water-Proof Ink: The ink used in the Uni-Ball Eye Micro UB-150 is fade-resistant and water-proof, ensuring that your documents remain legible and vibrant over time. This feature makes it an excellent choice for archival purposes and important records.

  4. Uni Super Ink Technology: The pen incorporates Uni Super Ink technology, which provides additional security against document tampering. The ink is designed to be resistant to check washing, chemicals, and other alterations, making it a reliable choice for tasks that require security and permanence.

  5. Comfortable Grip: With an ergonomic design, the pen offers a comfortable and fatigue-free grip, allowing for extended periods of writing without discomfort. The thoughtful design enhances the overall writing experience.

  6. Visible Ink Supply: The transparent barrel of the Uni-Ball Eye Micro UB-150 allows you to easily monitor the ink supply, ensuring that you never run out of ink unexpectedly. This feature adds practicality to the pen's design.

  7. Pocket Clip: The pen is equipped with a durable pocket clip, providing convenience for on-the-go professionals and students. Attach it to your notebook or pocket for easy access and portability.

  8. Available in Multiple Colors: The Uni-Ball Eye Micro UB-150 is available in a variety of ink colors, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preferences or specific writing needs. Options include classic black, blue, and red, among others.

Perfect for precision writing tasks and detailed work, the Uni-Ball Eye Micro UB-150 rollerball pen combines innovation and reliability to elevate your writing experience. Whether you're in the office, classroom, or creative space, this pen offers a superb balance of performance and comfort.

Uni-Ball Signo UMN-207

QAR 5.00